Functional Movement Screen – 2 days certification course.

Tenacity – Tactical Strength proudly presents Master RKC, Brett Jones.


Brett will be here on the 31/10 – 1/11 to teach the first FMS certification in Sweden. If you’re serious about training and taking your knowledge of functional movement and this unique way to screen a client/student for imbalances and assymetries.

The course is open to everyone that wants to take his/her knowledge of screening the body one step further!

This course is the product of years of research and innovation. The philosophy develops exercise programs based on individual movement patterns. It is equally effective in rehabilitation as well as conditioning because it targets the weak link.

The System is made up of:

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training
  • Core Training

Functional Movement Screen is a grading system created to assess and document functional movement patterns. By assessing these patterns, functional limitations and asymmetries are readily identified. Basic movement pattern limitations can reduce the effects of functional training and distort proprioception. The goal of this workshop is to introduce you and your staff to the benefits of utilizing this orthopedic screening process since functional movement patterns are the base for core training. At the heart of the system are the Functional Movement Screen score and the movement patterns, which are directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT)
: Is a series of techniques that combine skill training and conditioning to effectively enhance the body’s hierarchy of motor learning and neuromuscular input. These techniques are designed to limit the verbal and visual methods of teaching movement by forcing the individual to react to a stimulus in order to self-correct poor movements.

Core Training involves techniques which are designed to improve the efficiency of how the core maintains stability and assists in generating power. The foundation for this type of training is to improve movement pattern weakness and asymmetry through a series of corrective strategies progressing to higher level exercise activities.

Benefits of The Functional Movement Screen and Exercise Strategies

  • Improves functional and athletic performance
  • Helps to reduce the potential for training and sports injuries
  • Provides a simple grading system to assess athlete/client movement
  • Can be easily utilized in both the athletic/sports medicine and general fitness professionals
  • Identifies physical imbalances or weaknesses
  • Rehabilitates imbalances and strengthens weaknesses with simple corrective exercises
  • Allow trainers to better individualize training programs for greater athlete/client results
  • Teaches the trainer and athlete/client to Identify the difference between movement quality and movement quantity.
  • Allows athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialist , personal trainers and physical therapists to identify current injury trends and stats as they relate to the prevention of non-contact injuries.
  • Allows trainers to Identify potential cause and effect relationships of mirco-trauma as well chronic injuries in relation to movement asymmetries.

Until 2009-08-31: € 550
After 2009-08-31: € 600
Certified RKC-instructors has a 10% discount on the prices above.

Tommy Blom
Phone: +46 – 31 760 66 62

Read more about the FMS here

7 thoughts on “Functional Movement Screen – 2 days certification course.

  1. Sebastian says:

    I am stil ltraining with the KB and just moved up to 24kg and I am getting more and more interested in taking RKC and all the other courses. Do you need any special requirements such as beeing an RKC before attending this course or is it free for all?

  2. Tommy Blom says:

    Hi Sebastian. Glad to hear that the training is progressing!

    The FMS is open to everyone, there is no need to be a RKC before attending it! Everyonetraining or coaching will benefit from this course, no matter what your field of physichal training is, it’s about finding imbalances and fixing them before training to build a better base.
    Just send me your details and well work it out.

  3. David Josefsson says:

    Hi Tommy!
    I’m really interested in taking the course although I don’t know for sure yet if I can raise the funds for it. If you have any more detailed information about time, place, payment method and so on please send it to me and I’ll try my best to sort the money issue out.
    Sounds like very useful stuff both for proffesional use as well as for one’s own training. Hoping to see you in october!

  4. Tommy Blom says:

    Hi David
    I will post more info as soon as I have everything cleared. The course will probably be in the web shop (where you can divide int 24 payments if you like), place for the course will be in Göteborg (place depends on number of participants)…

    Sounds like very useful stuff both for proffesional use as well as for one’s own training. Hoping to see you in october!

    You are completely right about that. Hope to see you there!

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