Kettlebell Arrival – 081222

Finally the kettlebells arrived, it has been a long time but now they’re here and THEY’RE GREAT!

Me and Robert Nilsson – RKC, carried the 5,7 tonnes between the truck and the storage area. We pushed and pulled our carts, but above all we got ourselves a good solid 3 hour session of farmer walks with everything from 8 to 48 kg.

The weights that came were 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 36, 40 and 48 kg (unfortunately the 28 kg bells and my 60 kg bell didn’t arrive today, they have to wait until next shipment)…

Every kettlebell is neatly packed into a cardboard box, wrapped in a plastic bag and protected by a piece of frigolit on both top and bottom.

The kettlebells are powder coated and have a great feeling to them, I tried all weights out with snatches and I’m REALLY pleased with the feeling of the surface and how they behave in the Snatches, they are comfortable and settles in a good and smooth way on the forearm both in the top position of the snatch and in the rack position. Awesome!

I took some pictures while unwrapping “The Beast” that you can see below.

The Beast in it's box
The Beast in it's box... waiting
Frigolit cover to protect the handle
Frigolit cover to protect the handle
Plastic cover to keep moist out
Plastic cover to keep moist out
The beast in all its might
Behold... The beast in all its might

Time to close the shop for the day, and start shipping tomorrow… can’t wait!

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