RKC Kettlebell group training in Göteborg

courage-corner-logoFor the first time in Göteborg I will now start with group training with kettlebells at Fighter Centre.

Since 2006 I have been teaching kettlebell training in seminars, to private students and to the sponsored fighters of Team Tenacity and I have now decided to start with morning sessions 2 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be training at 07:00-08:00, it’ll be a great way to start the day!

The training is open for everyone and is purchased in the webshop. Price for 10 sessions is 900 kr, the 10 sessions is valid for 6 months and will be ticked off when you train (klippkort), this way you wont miss any sessions if you’re away for work over a week or so.

The training will be adapted so that it fits everyone in the group, it doesn’t matter if you’re a elite athlete or a beginner, everyone will find his/her own pace in the training. Kettlebells is available for all categories of people…

“Every Russian military unit, even outposts as remote as the planet Mars, has a gym. For some strange reason, maybe because it makes your sweaty basement dungeon look like a yuppie health spa, it is called a “Courage Corner”. Every courage corner, including the permafrost-crusted cave in one of the units I served in, is equipped with kettlebells.”

-Pavel Tsatsouline, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Why the name Courage Corner? The name is something I got from the quote above. Except of the superior physical training the RKC Hardstyle give you’ll also get the benefits of being able to push yourself a little bit further and challenge yourself a bit… in the courage corner.

Dont’t hesitate… challenge yourself…join me in the Courage Corner!

Read more & buy 10 sessions here