RKC-Kettlebell seminar 081207

So, today was the day of the seminar that me and Anders was teaching in Gothenburg, a great day of training full of cast iron, sweat, chalk and good energy!

All together  24 “comrades” showed up to attend to the seminar, some new, some people that also trained with us on the last seminar we gave a while back, even a few RKCs showed up (great to have you with us!). Everybody worked really solid and got the details down good.

"The bunch"
"The bunch"

The techniques we taught today was basic stuff that will last you a lifetime, they are basically all you need to build a strong, resilient body that will keep the doctor away for a few more years if that is your goal.  If you’re into athletics they’ll increase your physical abilities greatly and you’ll feel carryovers into stuff you haven’t trained in a long time.

To quote Toshis comment during the the break “it’ll keep me of the walking chair for a few more years”… then he did a Turkish Get Up with a 32 kg bell at a body weight of 62 kg – now that WILL keep the doctor away,  great stuff!!!

We covered
• Dead lifts
• Swings (2 hands/1hand)
• Hand switch
• Clean
• Press
• Turkish Get Up
• Snatch

Except of the techniques/lifts we did we put a lot of emphasis on the full body tension, the usage of hip drive and connecting the body to a single unit to be able to perform the lifts in a better and safer way. Anders did two small sessions on joint mobility as warm-up (one in the beginning of the seminar and one after the break). This is good stuff that’ll help keep you away from the walking chair by keeping the joints healthy.

I had a great time, for me it always brings a lot to the table to teach a seminar, I get to meet old friends, new friends, I get to hear their stories, ideas and experiences. In kettlebell training it’s awesome to hear about (and see) the progress people are doing in their training, how their techniques is improving and how their strength is increasing. To see those things when I know i helped in that process is an awesome feeling, that is what it’s all about for me – that feeling makes me sleep better  – to help spreading something that is needed, no matter if it’s in Kettlebell training or Krav Maga.

To everyone that attended, thank you for your great work, positive energy and remember to keep the tension, use the hips, stay healthy and always – safety first!

5 thoughts on “RKC-Kettlebell seminar 081207

  1. joakim Bohm says:

    Thanks for a fun and help full training, it gave me some good pointers to work with and get better on.It was fun to meet you and Anders in person you are really good persons.
    See you soon again
    Best regards Jocke

  2. Tommy Blom says:

    Thank you guys, I had a great time and I hope to meet up to train together again soon. Good effort!

  3. Tommy Blom says:

    Nice, glad to help make your kettlebell training better, and it did get better… Good job!

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