Sponsoring/coaching of Eddy Bengtsson


I’m extremely proud to announce that Eddy Bengtsson, Pro MMA Fighter takes the step to train with me to increase the physical part of his game for his upcoming fights. Another member of “Team Tenacity”…

Today I did the first session with Eddy who is  a former Swedish team member in Greco Roman wrestling and by that also a Olympic wrestler. Eddy has set his goals on the MMA-scene instead of the wrestling and is a talanted fighter with a lot of experience from the wrestling. He now also has 2 professional MMA-wins out of 2 fights.

To work with Eddy is a great experience, he is a worker and really puts an effort into the training when it’s needed.

Name: Eddy Bengtsson
Academy: Gladius MMA
Team: Shooters MMA
Country: Sweden

Age: 30
Weight: 130 kg
Height: 189 cm

More information:
– Pro MMA record 2-0-0
– Former swedish team member in greco roman wrestling
– Olympic wrestler
– World Champion 1999 (junior).
– Swedish Champion in Greco Roman Wrestling
– Runner up at ADCC European Trials 2009
– Swedish Champion Submission Wrestling +91 kg (2009)
– Swedish Champion Submission Wrestling open class (2009)

Read more about Eddy here

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