FMS and The Zone 5 – Bushido

Don’t know where to start really, have been extremely busy lately and haven’t had time to write here at all 🙁 Well, now I’m back and hope to be able to post a bit more frequently.

A lot has happened since my last post, the FMS certification course went off on the 31/10 – 1/11 and it was a total success, Brett Jones is an amazing instructor/teacher and I learned a lot from him during the 5 days he was here. There was 16 people from 3 countries (Sweden, Ireland, England) attending the course, all from different backgrounds, martial artists, sports, Physio therapists, Krav Maga, a lot of RKCs… all over a really nice group of people with t lot of previous knowledge.fms-group-2009-swe

I also managed to certify and get my RKC II certification

Last Saturday 3 of the fighters I coach fought in The Zone 5 Bushido, Besan Josef, Anton Mattson and Eddy Bengtsson all finished their fight in an awesome way, Besam totally dominated his opponent for 3 rounds – the power in his punches… Anton Mattson defeated his opponent in the first round with a shin to the head and Eddy Bengtsson supplexed his 150 kg(!!!) opponent and the finished him with a shoulder lock from side mount. Team Tenacity 3-0, an amazing evening that made me really proud to coach the guys – hard style!

On Saturday its time for Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson to enter the UFC octagon in England, I cant wait to see the fight!

My own training has been on a pretty low level, teaching a lot and a broken toe has taken a lot of movements out so rest has been the way to go… Tried a 40 kg Get-up yesterday and i worked out well, the FMS has given great results, so has treatment from Felicia at

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