Kristina Jelenic wins European Cup, ITF-Taekwon-do

euro_cup_2009_02Kristina Jelenic is a fighter in the Swedish National Team of ITF Taekwon-do, she has been training with me for about one month – together with the other sponsored fighters in Team Tenacity. She is really strong and never stops working. I’m really proud to have Kristina training with me!

Kristina went to Lublin in Poland to compete in Sparring and Team Sparring in the European Cup (European Cup is an international competition for blue belts and up)  last weekend as a representative for the Swedish natioal team.

Kristina won her weight class (-58 kg) in the individual and her fight in the team competition. Watch the video of the final further down on this page.

“Kettlebells has definitely made me stronger and more explosive. I feel a big difference in my leg strength, my work capacity is better, I feel strong. I feel stable!”
Kristina Jelenic

Read more about it here (Swedish)

Heres the video of the final in -58 kg.