Application – Striking for Krav Maga UK – 200530

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Striking for Krav Maga – Application

Application of the striking skills learned into Krav Maga drills!

On Saturday May 30th at 15:30 CET Tommy Blom, Expert 5 will teach an interactive workshop of striking for Krav Maga via Zoom.

We will focus on fundamentals, movement and quality. Due to the circumstances it’ll be a done in the format of shadow boxing with the goal of improving striking, foot work and coordination.

Don’t miss out on learning drills that you can use to improve the way you move in Krav Maga and will make you understand the concept of combining stance, balance and torque for power generation.

Material is part of the 3 day KMG-STRC (KMG Striking Course).

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Tenacity Medical Release, & Liability Waiver

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