100ADAY Program Group

255.00 kr

#100ADAY Program Group

Make your life and training simple (but not easy)!
Sign up for the #100ADAY Program Group today.

Try it out for 2 weeks for free!

How does it work?
You will get your program sent to you daily through TrueCoach which is completely free to download and use for you.

The programs will be based on kettlebell and bodyweight exercises and can be done as a single session or “over the day”.
They programs will vary between grind sessions, ballistic sessions, mixed sessions and complexes.

I provide the blueprint, you choose the intensity.

Price: 255 SEK/month

Try it out for 2 weeks for free!

How to sign up?
Buy your spot here we’ll add you to the group
Use the code 100ADAYFREE on checkout to get the discount.
After you sign up you will get the link to sign up and program within 48 hours.