Sponsoring/coaching of Anton Mattson

Today after coaching Besam through a rough session of pain I talked to another Fighter – Anton Mattson and we decided that he’ll join me and Besam on the sessions we do. tenacity-anton-mattson

That means that Tenacity – Tactical Strength is now sponsoring 2 professional fighters to help them prepare for their fights at The Zone FC ‘Dynamite’ that will be held at Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 25th of April this year!

This is really great, to have the chance of coaching the guys and see their stamina, strength, explosiveness increase at the same time as their recovery time decreases. Besam is already making improvements, only 2 weeks into the program…

Name: Anton Mattson
Academy: Gladius MMA
Team: Shooters MMA
Country: Sweden

Age: 21
Weight: 82 kg
Height: 189 cm

More information:
– Pro MMA record 2-0-0
– Amateur MMA record 3-0-0

Read more about Anton here

Watch Antons first Pro fight here