The Functional Movement Screen

b_159_0Here’s a link to a pdf of the 7 tests of the Functional Movement Screen that shows the different tests and explains them a bit deeper. If you you’re a physical trainer of any sort the FMS will help you asess your trainees.

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The Functional Movement Screen(FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients or athletes.

The beauty of the Functional Movement Screen is that a personal trainer, athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach can learn the system and have a simple and quantifiable method of evaluating basic movement abilities.

FMSPBThe FMS only requires the ability to observe basic movement patterns already familiar to the coach or trainer. The
key to the Functional Movement Screen is that it consists of a series of simple tests with a simple
grading system.

The FMS allows a trainer or coach to begin the process of functional movement pattern assessment in individuals without recognized pathology. The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate
limitations or asymmetries in healthy individuals with respect to basic movement patterns and eventually correlate them with outcomes.

The Functional Movement Screen provides a strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer with an evaluation option that relates closely to what the athlete or client will actually do in training. In a sense, the tests are improved
by working on variations of the skills tested. The FMS allows evaluation with tools and movement patterns that readily make sense to both the client and the trainer or coach.


The test is comprised of seven fundamental movement patterns that require a balance of mobility and stability. These fundamental movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements.

The tests place the individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate stability and mobility is not utilized. It has been observed that many individuals who perform at

very high levels during activities are unable to perform these simple movements. These individuals should be considered to be utilizing compensatory movement patterns during their activities, sacrificing efficient movements for inefficient ones in order to perform at high levels. If these compensations continue, then poor movement patterns will be reinforced leading to poor biomechanics.

Read the rest of the article throught the link below, it show all the seven tests and explains them. The Functional Movement Screen

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