Tenacity – Tactical Strength is a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden focusing on tactical strength and fundamental movement.

Tactical Strength is the pure physical strength, work capacity, endurance and mobility that makes your daily life easier. A lean functional body without bulk that doesn’t quit. Tactical Strength is also having a tactical upper hand when it comes to self-defense situations whether it be that one has to physically deal with a violent situation directly or to get out of it in a more preventive and tactical behavior.

All the services/products we offer is natural to the body, extremely functional and effective, they will get you results and increase the quality of your life no matter which one you choose.

No matter what your life brings to you, no matter what shape you are in, no matter what your job is Tenacity – Tactical Strength has the knowledge, the tools and the experience to help you!

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Effective Self Defence, Defensive Tactics and Fighting that is easy to learn, easy to retain. Adjustable for all types of groups – from civilians to professional users.

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Kettlebells – Barbells – Bodyweight
Strongfirst is a principle based “School Of Strength” founded by Pavel Tsatsouline.

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Movement system based on fundamental movement patterns and the human motorical development, improves/regains lost movement patterns.

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Breathing system that increases oxygenation to the cells. Improves performance, reduces stress, strengthens immune defence …

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FMS is a grading system that assesses and documents movement patterns needed nor normal function. Improves performance./p>
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