… are your prerequisites and they dictate your needs that you need to fill in the process of crate a personal security awareness and capacity to predict and solve problems that arise in an as effective way as possible

After 25+ years as an international educator/instructor in 3 different disciplines on 3 different levels (end users, instructors and examiners education instructors) to groups ranging from regular people to professional elites where the work situation is very far from whats called normal I have seen a lot regarding prerequisites and their impact on education/training.

No matter the group they all have that one thing in common denominator … they all have prerequisites that dictate the needs. These prerequisites obviously differ widely between the groups and this creates a gap in the systems that are put in place for educating the individuals and groups as the systems often ar built on one idea, one principle and are geared towards one group.

Except prerequisites decided by the group/work differences in mental, physical, tactical and technical capacity will change the needs between and within the groups on both individual and group level.

The elements, principles and method will be the same but the some of the details will most likely change depending on the prerequisites of the group/individual and will also change inside the group and subgroups that might exist within the group. This makes a solid base and a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for the group based on element, principles and methods that work for the main bulk of the group based on defined prerequisites essential.

Let me define what i mean with prerequisites. Outside the obvious ones that is directly related to group, work, equipment and rules of engagement (where that is applicable) but also the ones that are related to the mental preparation, the mental readiness to actually take action and engage a threat with the tools at hand. I think about the tactical prerequisites that follows the professional role and the tools and how they affect potential situations and the situational awareness. On how it affects the readiness to solva situation that sometimes occurs out of nothing no matter how prepared one is.

What one also has to take into consideration is the ever changing prerequisites that changes in a dynamic environment, in a situation that is arising or is already happening. The differences inside an ongoing situation where one hast act or stay passive, choose to use verbal or physical measures to resolve the situation. On top of that all of the professional, tactical, environmental, mental differences is playing into the decisions that have to be made in a split second.

At Tenacity dynamics we pride ourselves with creating training and education based on deep analyses of the needs and prerequisites of, and together with he clients to make sure that they can be as efficient and confident as possible in situations that require absolute control and readiness to solve whatever arises on both group and individual levels.

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