First How, Then How Much

Here’s a simple blueprint to improving something … anything

Understand – Practice – Apply

1. Understand
Make sure you understand the skill at hand so that you can maximize the output of your practice.

2. Practice
Make the skill yours by practicing it, mindfully, by it self. Make sure to work on the separate parts of the skill and especially the weakest points.

3. Apply
Incorporate the skill into your daily regimen, combine it into scenarios, complexes, add stress, increase complexity and push towards your goals.

The first parts of the process isn’t always the most exiting part (Application is alway more live and fun) but application will be so much more rewarding because of the leaps in skill that happens after the use of the first two parts of the process!

THE best way to improve your skills are by finding an experienced coach that has done all the mistakes, has “time in the trenches”, understand the needs of the individual or group, know how to put that in place and have a process to deliver it!

Stay on!