Personalized Training Program

1,095.00 kr

A personalised training program for you to Reach Your Goals faster!

Get a personalized training program designed according to your needs.

With decades of experience in Physical Training, Self Defense, Krav Maga, Breathing, Movement, Mobility and I will, together with you, find what you need to improve to excel!

The initial interview is following the principles of our own method of
1. Understand
2. Practice
3. Apply

What is your goals?
• Strength
• Work Capacity
• Endurance
• GPP (General Physical Preparedness)
• SPP (Specific Physical Preparedness)

You Choose the tools
• Kettlebells
• Barbells
• Bodyweight/Calistenics

Whats Included?
• 30 min coaching call
• A 4 week program with 3 sessions/week with up to 2 Tools and a max of 3 lifts (1 lift/modality if you choose more than 2 Tools). Additional weeks, tools, sessions/week will cost an additional fee

Note: To be able to maximise the output of the program good technical skills will help. The more proficient you are on the skills the greater the results.
Safety is considered a part of practice/training and should always trump volume and intensity!

Don’t wait, sign up now to move forward for stronger and better you!

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How many days/week do you want to train? *

How many Tools do you want to use *

What Tools do you want to use *

Additional information *

• What lift do you want to focus on?
• Do you have any injuries?
• What is your main sport?
• How many days/week do you train today
• How taxing is the training (RPE 1-10)
• Any other information relevant to your program … Please be as specific as possible!

By paying the fee and/or signing in to the online event I agree to the text outlined in the following document.

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