1 KB – Work Capacity/Stength – Press, Squat, Row, Swing

595.00 kr

1 KB-WCSTR-001

1 KB-WCSTR-001 is a work capacity program adapted for 1 Kettlebell utilising 4 exercises, the Kettlebells Military Press, The Kettlebell Front Squat, The kettlebell Row and the Kettlebells Swing

The goal of the program is to improve your general work capacity and strength over a period of 4 weeks.

You will be doing 3-4 training sessions/week and on the other days you can choose to rest or add some light cardio or mobility.

Duration: 4 weeks
Sessions/week: 3-4
Session duration: Depending on rest periods
Method: Complex

Included in the program
• The layout of the program and the planning for the week in a downloadable PDF-file.

The Exercises
• Kettlebell Military Press
• Kettlebell Front Squat
• Ketllebell Swing
• Kettlebell Row

Note: To be able to maximise the output of the program good technical skills will help. The more proficient you are on the skills the greater the results.