Technical Check-up

595.00 kr

Are you getting the most out of your training?
Are you where you need to be technically so that you can maximise the effect of you training programs?

A technical check up is always needed, even the best coaches have coaches.

With this virtual technical check up you’ll get the chanse to have a quick and easy way to check up one technique! Just send me video of your technique(s). I’ll go through it and then send you a edited video with corrections back.

What types of Techniques?
• Kettlebell lifts
• Barbell lifts (Dead Lift, Back Squat, Front Squats, Good Mornings, Bench press, Military press …)
• Krav Maga Techniques
• Striking Techniques
• Footwork issues

How does it work?
1. You order the Check-up
2. You send me a video of you technique
3. I go through it and add corrections
4. You get a video with corrections and comments
5. You ace your next training session 😉

Note: The technical check up will not deal with injuries and pain related issues.
If that is involved, please buy a online private session and we will talk over the situation and see what we can do or if you need a referral somewhere else.