The four pillars of improving your skills in the line of defensive tactics, self defense, personal protection in any of the fields (civilian, law enforcement, military, exacutive protection …)

None of the pillars will solve the task of improving over all safety by themselves, they are all intertwined in an intricate web of cooperation.

One will assist the other and together they create the whole, the superiority of saving whatever need to be saved, in overcoming the opponent, in doing what needs to be done.

As a protector – of one self, family, society, clients – one thing is needed in all of them SUPERIORITY.

The how, the skill to perform the task at hand, the details, the angles, the timing, the movements, the efficiency of performance, the understanding of reality, the adaptation to real life violence…

The when, the why, the timing, the anticipation, the preparation, the task, the sop, the surroundings, the opponent(s)…

The strength, the work capacity, the mobility, the flexibility, the cardio, the recovery …

The tenacity, the willingness, the preparation, the how, the preparation …
All of the pillars can and should be improved, some need more than others in some pillars and others need more in some other.

Stay on!