Free Striking Course on youtube

I just uploaded a full striking workshop (only instructions) in two parts to my Youtube channel for you to watch. It is about 25 minutes of instructions divided into two videos. The workshop covered striking, combinations and footwork related to the slip and counter and the inside defense with a simultaneous counter against a straight […]

Fighting – Sparring for Krav Maga

First, let’s look at what sparring is, what it should be, how it should be used and what benefit we can reap from it if we use it correctly. In the table you’ll see the different types of sparring we commonly use in Krav Maga Global (KMG), you will also see the different paces, goals, […]

First How, Then How Much

Here’s a simple blueprint to improving something … anything Understand – Practice – Apply 1. UnderstandMake sure you understand the skill at hand so that you can maximize the output of your practice. 2. PracticeMake the skill yours by practicing it, mindfully, by it self. Make sure to work on the separate parts of the […]

The set-up

What sets the pros apart from the rest? Take a look at successful weightlifters, powerlifters, fighters, BJJ players, shooters, operators, pole vaulters, track and field athletes at the start of a 100 m dash and think to yourself what do they all have in common … regardless of sport/activity? They all have a set-up that […]

Defending a knife on the ground

Knives are a very serious issue as they in an opponents hand tend to move around and are able to cut you from most angles. Being on the ground is a huge disadvantage as you in many cases are pinned to the ground and by that are restricted in movement and abilities to get away/avoid […]