Defending a knife on the ground

Knives are a very serious issue as they in an opponents hand tend to move around and are able to cut you from most angles.

Being on the ground is a huge disadvantage as you in many cases are pinned to the ground and by that are restricted in movement and abilities to get away/avoid the opponent.

If we combine those two components the situation has all of the sudden gone from bad to REALLY BAD …

There are some things to think of and that has to happen to be able to get out of the situation and be able to get away. 

Sometimes all of them has to happen, sometimes some of them might not happen and sometimes the sequence changes depending on circumstances like position, weight, type of attack, readiness.

  •  Defend. Using body and hands
  • Counter attack. Stop the opponent from attacking you further
  • Control. Primarily the hand with the knife and the body of the opponent
  • Change position. Manipulate the opponent so that you can put yourself in a better position
  • Disengage or Control. With or without further counterattacks

At any time during the event (*IF THE SITUATION ALLOWS IT) the event can also be finished by chokes, locks or ground control of the opponent.

I.e there are no one else around, you are in a closed environment that doesn’t allow disengagement, “the opportunity is there” …

This does not consider professional use like military and law enforcement (where gear and other circumstances are different from civilian self defense).

It does not consider pre-fight actions like SA, avoidance, de-escalation which should all be there if possible (which isn’t always the case).

It just considers the defense itself as an isolated event. 

NOTE: These at my thoughts on the subject, there are many like them but these ones are mine …

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