A quote I’ve heard countless times and it’s killing me! Let’s dig into it a bit … 1. That is assuming you can run faster and for a longer time than the person chasing you, if not … that person will have his way when you’re being caught and by this time you’re most likely […]

The set-up

What sets the pros apart from the rest? Take a look at successful weightlifters, powerlifters, fighters, BJJ players, shooters, operators, pole vaulters, track and field athletes at the start of a 100 m dash and think to yourself what do they all have in common … regardless of sport/activity? They all have a set-up that […]

Defending a knife on the ground

Knives are a very serious issue as they in an opponents hand tend to move around and are able to cut you from most angles. Being on the ground is a huge disadvantage as you in many cases are pinned to the ground and by that are restricted in movement and abilities to get away/avoid […]