A quote I’ve heard countless times and it’s killing me!

Let’s dig into it a bit …

1. That is assuming you can run faster and for a longer time than the person chasing you, if not … that person will have his way when you’re being caught and by this time you’re most likely also to tired to put up a fight or have very little energy to do so.

Remember a Sprint is an anaerobic event and you’ll have to fight in an oxygen debt which is far from the cardio you get from jogging).

2. It is also assuming you managed to see and anticipate the attack from happening before it happened or that you managed to get out of it at any stage of the event (again, you have to be in better shape than the opponent -unless you managed to take him out and he’s not chasing you).

Situational Awareness, prevention … is extremely important to stay safe but if you are in a position when that’s not an option – and realistically that type of events are a huge deal of normal life which means that you can’t control the situation, which means you have to fight.

This leaves us with a need to prepare, technically and physically to increase our ability to physically deal with a violent confrontation to be able to get home safe for civilians and to get the job done for professionals.

The physical ability of being able to defend and do damage in a time of need also adds to mental strength, you know you can handle yourself, you feel strong and capable.

There is no way around that, there are reasons that people that have a high risk of getting into harms way prepare for and test physical abilities and spend time on Combatives (not enough in my eyes), it is the core, the machine that will have to do the work when it’s needed.

Stay on!